Straight Wire - Level 1 - Musicable II Interconnect - Pair

Straight Wire - Level 1 - Musicable II Interconnect - Pair

Straight Wire

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The Straight Wire - Level 1 - Musicable II Cable Pair was designed to help consumer-grade stereo equipment (Sony, Kenwood, JVC, you get the idea) reach its potential.

These cables feature polypropylene insulation in a balanced Star Quad design which brings out the depth and subtleties from your favorite recordings. Dual shields reject noise, even across long runs.

  • RCA or XLR Terminations
  • Matte Navy Blue Jacket
  • 6mm Diameter
  • Star Quad Design
  • Advanced Polypropylene Insulation
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor
  • Gold Beveled Flange Plugs

Straight Wire has developed a Level System to make finding the right cable for your system much easier! Musicable II is part of their Level 1 Series Cable.

Level 1: Essential Upgrade over Manufacturer Supplied Cable
It turns out that the ultra-thin and brittle RCA cable that came with your Kenwood Tape Deck from 1992 is not that good! Well, it's good enough for you to hear some sound, technically. That is, with less clarity, dynamics, power, and articulation than the Artist and Producer intended, but what do they know! Straight Wire's Essential Upgrade Cable offers righteous performance at an easy-to-swallow price point. Details you have never heard before will begin to emerge. Bass, kick, and snare hit harder, and the dynamics open up. Level 1 Cables help average consumer-grade components reach their potential.

Want to learn more about Straight Wire's Level System? We can help! Check out our blog post about Straight Wire's Level System

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