Koetsu Cartridges

Koetsu Cartridges was started by Yoshiaki Sugano and is named after a Japanese Artist named Honami Koetsu.

Sugano, a True Renaissance Man in his own right, used his passion for music to create a better phono cartridge. Form and function are of equal importance. Koetsu Cartridges are beautiful but they are also constructed using high purity, rare materials that result in exceptional sound reproduction. The company is currently run by Sugano's Son, Fumihiko, who apprenticed under his Father until he reach the level of Master Cartridge Maker.

***We have some unfortunate news to share with you. On Monday 8/28/23 we received the sad news of the passing of Sugano-san, the 2nd-generation owner of Koetsu, at the age of 82.  

Under his guidance, Koetsu has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. Together with the team of cartridge builders, he consistently upheld the Koetsu legacy through their exceptional work. The Sugano family is currently working on a transition plan for the business, which we aim to share with you in the near future. There are no more specifics to share at this time.

During this interim period, there will be a pause in new production and factory rebuild services. We will not be able to receive or fill any orders for Koetsu cartridges until the transition of the business has been competed. 

Thank you for your understanding. ***