Piega Master Line Source Loudspeakers

The Piega Master Line Source Loudspeakers are the absolute flagship of the PIEGA loudspeakers.

Produced over several years of development, they operate on the line source principle which is considered by audio experts as the ideal transducer. All frequencies are radiated as coherent cylindrical sound waves. Thanks to the enormous membrane area of the line source loudspeaker, its sound-producing area is considerably greater than with conventional loudspeakers and exhibits only extremely low distortion.

The Piega Master Line Source Speakers can only be produced from the meticulous workmanship of an experienced member of the PIEGA crew. A long wait time – untypical of PIEGA – for the delivery of these giants of sound is therefore not uncommon. The Master Line Source is produced at the company headquarters without haste and with a great deal of precision and value for the product.

A masterpiece of loudspeaker construction made from the hands of masters of the ultimate in audio enjoyment: the Piega Master Line Source Loudspeakers are a marvel!