Piega Coax Loudspeakers

The Piega Coax Loudspeakers are handcrafted and produced with maximum precision.

No Piega loudspeaker leaves their facility before being tested and adjusted. The current Coax Series, which includes the Coax 311 shelf loudspeaker, the Coax 511, and the Coax 711 represents the second generation of the Coax loudspeakers. All Coax Series cabinets are made from extruded aluminum, which provides a stylish and elegant look but also outstanding stability. No power is lost through a vibrating cabinet.

These second-generation Piega Coax Loudspeakers showcase the development of Piega's previously used drivers. The basic operating principle of the annular midrange ribbon was enhanced through the use of stronger neodymium magnets and pole plates made from high tensile steel. This enables a higher degree of efficiency to be achieved. The layout of the flat coils underneath the foil membrane and the damping of the foil membranes were also optimized. The new UHQD subwoofers come with titanium oscillating coil mounts, a new suspension system, and specially shaped and coated aluminum membranes that are extremely rigid. Please don't hesitate to call or write about the amazing speakers from Piega Coax Loudspeakers!


If you have any questions concerning the Piega Coax Loudspeakers, please reach out! Call me at 847-217-8985.