Straight Wire Level 1 Interconnects

Straight Wire Level 1 Interconnects: Essential Upgrade over Manufacturer Supplied Cable

Straight Wire Level 1 Interconnects offer an immediately satisfying upgrade over manufacturer supplied or the typical off-the-shelf cables. It turns out that the ultra-thin and brittle RCA cable that came with your Kenwood Tape Deck from 1992 is not that good! Well, it's good enough for you to hear some sound, technically. That is, with less clarity, dynamics, power, and articulation than the Artist and Producer intended, but what do they know! Straight Wire and their Essential Upgrade Cable offer righteous performance at an easy-to-swallow price point. Subtle details you have never heard before will begin to emerge with articulate clarity. Bass, kick, and snare hit harder, and the dynamics open up. Straight Wire Level 1 Interconnects help average consumer-grade components reach their potential. 

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