Piega Ace Center Loudspeaker


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The Piega Ace Center Loudspeaker completes the new Ace series!

The Ace Center is an excellent choice, either as a classic center or as part of a surround system for the ultimate home cinema experience. The improved MDS low midrange drivers and the AMT-1 ribbon tweeter bring out the actor’s dialogues with outstanding speech intelligibility, regardless of the volume, which is extremely important for a relaxing viewing experience. With the Ace Center, nothing stands in the way of a tuneful movie night.

Its looks and features perfectly complement the Ace 30 and Ace 50 and emphasize the harmonious sound image when combined with one another. Its distinctive oval shape and aesthetic appearance were designed by Swiss Designer Stephan Hürlemann.

The improved 120 mm MDS low midrange drivers and the AMT-1 ribbon tweeter of the Piega Ace Center Loudspeaker bring out the actor’s dialogue with outstanding speech intelligibility, creating a relaxing viewing experience regardless of the volume. With the Ace Center, nothing gets in the way of an entertaining movie night.

  • SENSITIVITY: 87 db/W/m
  • IMPEDANCE: 4 ohms
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 50 Hz - 40 kHz
  • DIMENSIONS: H 14 cm, W 34 cm, D 16 cm
  • WEIGHT: 4 kg
  • DESIGN PRINCIPLE: 2-way system center loudspeaker
  • EQUIPMENT: 2 x 120 mm MDS, 1 x AMT-1
  • CONNECTIONS: Multi-Connectors

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