Nessie Vinylmaster Record Cleaning Machine


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The Nessie Vinylmaster Record Cleaning Machine is Nessie's top-of-the-line. It's designed from the ground up with ease of use, performance, and functionality in mind. Swing the fluid/brush arm over the record, hit the start button and the Vinylmaster automatically delivers the ideal dose of fluid and begins to scrub the detail masking grim from the grooves. After the timer reports that the scrub is complete, simply swing the scrubbing arm out and the vacuum arm in. It automatically begins the final step of removing the fluid and gunk off the surface of the record and you're done with the side. It couldn't be any easier. The large reservoirs that hold cleaning and used fluid, make batch cleaning a breeze. This is the unit that we use here at Schroeder Amplification and it's got many miles on it. Hasn't let us down either mechanically or sonically, yet. A real pleasure!   

  • Designed for automatic washing of vinyl records
  • Crafted from high-grade deep black acrylic
  • Mounted arm brush features twin nylon brush design
  • Machine automatically supplies the perfect amount of cleaning fluid for each record
  • Extraction begins automatically once drying arm has been placed over record
  • Incredibly quiet vacuum pump will automatically shut down after one full revolution
  • One-touch operating button controls entire process
  • Dimensions: 15.8" x 13" x 6.7" | Weight: 19.8 lbs

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