MoFi Electronics Super HeavyWeight Champion Turntable Weight

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The MoFi Electronics Super HeavyWeight Champion Turntable Weight is made for Large Turntables and represents the next level of groove-noise-reduction technology.

Designed with Mike Latvis of Harmonic Resolution Systems for use with mid-to-high-mass turntable platters, it features a proprietary, ultra-dense, precision-molded polymer created for exceptional noise-absorption characteristics. In addition to coupling the LP to the platter, Super HeavyWeight Champion significantly reduces noise—specifically, record groove, motor, and bearing noise. You will hear more music due to resultant blacker backgrounds, improved clarity, enhanced microdynamics, and greater bass impact.

Head to the Mofi Electronics Website to learn all about the Mofi Electronics Super HeavyWeight Champion!

• Dimensions: 3.0” diameter and 1.355” height

• Weight: 495.1 grams, optimized for mid-to-high-mass platters (approximately 5 lbs and higher)

• Outer shell: Comprised of billet-machined 6061 aluminum for an easy grip

• Underside: Made from a soft polymer that ensures damage-free operation with LPs

• Black anodized top cap features laser-etched MoFi logo

• Precision transfer molding process for precise alignment and balance

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