Isotek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis Sine Wave Generator


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The IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis Since Wave Generator is a hybridized version of IsoTek’s Ultimate series.

Combining the extremely low THD sine wave generation engine from Genesis combined with a lighter version of the EVO3 Super Titan’s passive Direct-Coupled© conditioning network to deliver the perfect balance between power and performance.

IsoTek’s EVO3 Mosaic Genesis is a state-of-the-art hybrid power cleaning system, combining the full mains sine wave generation system as seen in the IsoTek Ultimate Series EVO3 Genesis, combined with the high current, very low impedance Direct Coupled Design circuit from the award-winning Titan series. The EVO3 Mosaic Genesis measures 225mm wide, 470mm deep, and 225mm high and features 5 independent output sockets at the rear, 3 of which provide a totally new regenerated mains sine wave rated at 150W continuous for system source components, the remaining two output sockets offer an extremely low impedance, high current supply for power amplifiers, active loudspeakers or subwoofers, and feature IsoTek’s unique Direct Coupled Design circuit. Cross-contamination of connected components kept to an absolute minimum due to the mains sine wave regenerative circuit combined with multiple power cleaning stages for each output socket. Most power filters join output sockets together, running each in series. This is an error as Differential Mode Noise created by your connected electronics will cross contaminate from one output socket to the next. The electrical architecture and design of Mosaic Genesis are dramatically superior.

KERP © (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures all outlets' equal resistance and power delivery. The internal wiring is of the highest standard – ultra pure Ohno Continuous Cast copper solid-core conductor strands with silver-plating offer low resistance and high amperage. A Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) helix is wound around the conductor before an extruded FEP dielectric protects the conductor and creates a Virtual Dielectric of Air (VDA). This construction gives unrivaled performance and gives the ultimate low resistance, high-performance internal power delivery system.

The EVO3 Mosaic Genesis is a state-of-the-art high-quality power generation system combined with high current circuits and is an excellent upgrade for a complete audio system. IsoTek’s award-winning EVO3 Premier power cable is also included.

The internal wiring of IsoTek products synergizes with the range of IsoTek power cables. One critical but overlooked area is maintaining the commonality of design and material properties through an audio wiring loom, be it signal carrying cables or your power cable network.

  • Number Of Outlets: 5
  • Outlets: (Sine Wave Generation) (1-3) 150W
  • Outlets: (High Current) (4-5) 3,680W (Uk, Eu, Au, Ch) / 1,840W (Us)
  • Thd 0.03%
  • Voltage Stabalisation 230V Or 115V +/- 1%
  • Mains Inlet: 16A Iec C20
  • Mains Voltage: 100 To 240V Depending Upon Model
  • Mains Frequency 50 To 60Hz Depending Upon Model
  • Dimensions (W X H X D): 225 X 225 X 470Mm
  • Weight: 20Kg
  • Suitable for all high-end audio or AV systems
  • Hybrid power cleaning system combining full mains sine wave generation with IsoTek Titan direct coupled design circuit for low impedance high current power delivery
  • Removes Common and Differential Mode mains noise
  • Regenerates a new low 0.03% total harmonic distortion sine wave to 3 output sockets (150W in total)
  • Stabilizes voltage to 230V or 115V +/- 1% (3 output sockets)
  • Delivers low impedance high current for power amplifiers to 2 output sockets
  • Solid core Ohno Continuous Cast copper silver-plated internal wiring with FEP virtual air dielectric
  • Supplied with IsoTek EVO3 PREMIER POWER CABLE
  • UK, EU, US, AU & CH outlets available

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