Cardas Audio FRCA-FXLR P42.5 Adapter - Pair

Cardas Audio

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This Cardas Audio FRCA-FXLR P42.5 Adapter - Pair had a Female RCA and a Female XLR.

It allows the use of RCA and XLR when needed. Cardas GRFA-S mated to a standard Neutrik XLR using Cardas chassis wire and Quad-Eutectic solder. Standard configuration is pin 2 hot, pin 1 grounded to RCA, pin 3 floating. Custom versions are available if you use your pleases and thankyous. Sold in pairs.

  • Base metal: High copper content, non-magnetic brass
  • Plating: Silver/rhodium
  • Termination: Assembled by hand in Bandon Oregon

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