Cardas Audio Clear Cygnus Power Cable

Cardas Audio Clear Cygnus Power Cable

Cardas Audio

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Like a scaled-down version of Clear Beyond Power, Cygnus Power features three well-shielded conductors and a passive noise filter. Although designed for use with source equipment and small-to-medium-sized amplifiers, Cygnus Power has the current handling capacity for even larger, tube-powered amps. As you would expect, Cygnus Power pairs well with the rest of the Cygnus lineup and provides many of the benefits of its higher-capacity siblings, at a fraction of the price.

Standard Terminations: Soldered and crimped Cardas power plugs with silver/rhodium-plated solid copper contacts. ​

Design/Construction: Conductors: Grade 1, 99.9999% pure oxygen free tin plated copper, gauge sizes scaled to Golden Ratio proportions. Cross-field layer geometry, insulated in a
PTFE jacket.

Geometry: Double shielded with tin-plated copper and
magnet wire. Twisted triad mixed with PVC air tubes bound with FEP tape wrap. Flexible TPR outer jacket.

Gauge: 3x13 AWG
Outside Diameter: 0.500”/12.7mm

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