Straight Wire Level 2 Encore II Balanced XLR Cable - Pair - 1 meter

Straight Wire

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Straight Wire Level 2 Encore II Balanced XLR Cable - Pair - 1 meter

The Straight Wire Encore II Balanced XLR Cable utilizes OFHC conductors with the highest grade of Foam Poly-propylene insulation for uncolored presentation with engaging vocals. Straight Wire's most advanced Star-Quad design, Encore II, provides realistic tight bass and true upper frequencies regardless of cable length. This cable's high compatibility with nearly all components makes it a clear choice above the competition. Discover the significant improvement Encore II can make with today's top-rated digital receivers and most separate components.


LEVEL 2 Cables from Straight Wire presents a significant audible advancement beyond standard cables. They optimize the performance of better audio and home theater components. These include digital audio receivers, Blu-ray players, better game systems, HD Sat/Cable boxes, and numerous upgrade components.


Advanced materials, proprietary designs, meticulous engineering, special manufacturing processes and skilled American craftsmen make our cables highly sought after, regarded and respected in the AV industry on a worldwide basis.


Upgrade Interconnect cables are misunderstood by many budding audiophiles. Some consider thicker cables with gold-plated ends to be enough. Straight Wire has surprised many skeptical AV enthusiasts over the past three decades with how much their cables can improve their listening enjoyment.


The Straight Wire Encore II Balanced XLR Cable features a Clear Jacket over Red Braid. Not only does this cable increase the quality of your listening experience, it does it in style!

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