NOS Sovtek 6C33C-B Power Tubes - Price Per Tube


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These NOS Sovtek 6C33C-B Power Tubes are from my Private Stash. Get what you need while you still can!

Vacuum tubes from Sovtek have long been considered top-shelf and for good reason. They are tonally rich, robustly engineered, and well-suited for the demanding audiophile or musician. The Sovtek 6C33C-B is noted for its warmth and musicality and is always a smart choice when upgrading.


From the Sovtek Website...
Sovtek tubes are quite simply the absolute best. We design and manufacture our tubes, engineered for demanding high fidelity, reliability and overall warmth. Be sure to insist on genuine Sovtek vacuum tubes the next time you retube -- you'll be getting the absolute best possible tubes for any demanding application.

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