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The Schroeder Amplification Dozer Amplifier Head was born out of necessity.

At the time of its conception, I (Tim Schroeder) was playing in a band where I played bass, electric guitar, and lap steel. My parts were looped live on all three instruments and most often heavily affected. The demands on the amplifier were great. The fidelity and dynamic range needed to be high and wide enough so that all of the loops and instruments could be heard clearly, and while being playing simultaneously. It also had to be powerful enough to keep up with the heavy-hitting drummer and cutting guitar player.


Several renditions were tried before the Dozer was created. It’s smooth and effortless power combined with mindful construction and component selection allowed for clear and present production (and reproduction) of the complex tones generated by the affected instruments. It could also keep up with, if not drown out, the aforementioned bandmates.


Over the years, the Schroeder Amplification Dozer Amplifier Head has become the "go-to" live amplifier for bands like Wilco and Modest Mouse. They’ve also become a staple in recording studios as far away as Japan. It simply needs to be experienced to be believed!


Tube compliment:

-Pre- 2X 12AX7/ECC83, 1x 12AT7/ECC81

-Power- 4x 6550 or KT88 (200 Watt) or KT120 (280 Watt)

Front Panel (left to right):

- 1/4" input, 3-way bright switch, Pre, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master, Standby switch, Pilot lamp, Power switch.

Rear Panel (left to right):

- 1A Slo 20mm fuse, 250mA Slo 20mm fuse, 6.3A 20mm Fuse, Neutrik “Power One” female power socket, 5X "Tip jacks" (for bias measurements), 2x 1/4" 4 Ohm out (bridged), 1/4" 8 Ohm out. (Optional: Recording out and Speakon output jacks)

Dimensions: 11 3/8" Deep x 10 5/8" Tall x 21" Long 

-Chassis made of 1/8" folded and welded aluminum, powder-coated, and screened.

-A 10 turn pot with a locking dial is located just to the left of the tubes. This combined with the tip jacks (1 for each power tube) located on the back, makes user bias and tube changes safe, fast, and easy.

-All internal wiring connections made using silver or oxygen-free copper wire of 99.9999% purity. Unlike generic "cloth-covered" wire, it will not absorb airborne moisture, oxidize and/or degrade the signal over time. Using this wire requires special tools and means that EVERY wire needs to be cut to length and tinned with specially formulated silver-bearing solder. A laborious and time-consuming process but the resulting improvement to the sound is stunning!

-Custom power and output transformers have all been developed over our decades-long relationship with Mercury Magnetics. These transformers feature custom winds, lots of iron for reduced "sag", tight and transparent low end, and silky highs. 

Additional charge. Please contact me for pricing

-NOS tubes

- Record out. TS or balanced via TRS or XLR

- Speakon connectors.

- Parallel outputs for running different speakers (for color) or running bi-wired speaker cables for maximum bloom in the bass register.

- Different colors, finishes, and other customizations are available.


The Schroeder Amplification Dozer Amplifier Head is no longer manufactured

Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Send an email to Tim

Or give me a call at 847-217-8985

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