Schroeder Amplification 1x10 20 Watt Combo Amplifier

Schroeder Amplification

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The idea for the Schroeder Amplification 1x10 20 Watt Combo Amplifier started a couple of decades ago.

Originally an exercise in circuit manipulation, this was one of the first designs I had built from scratch. The original schematic was that of a Brown Princeton. Over a year or two, the circuit was modified and adjusted to suit my tastes.

15 years after this prototype had been sold, it came back to my shop as the original owner was upgrading to an SA series amp and cabinet. When I plugged it in, I fell in love (as did everyone who came in a played it). I “blueprinted” the oddball circuit with all of its funky (20 year ago Tim) ideas and sold the amp. A few more years went by and I was being asked by customers, who already owned my larger amps, for something small and portable to be used on casual gigs and recording sessions. I’d been waiting for a reason to build this amp again and eagerly added some “current day Tim” knowledge to this old design.


  • 2 x 12AX7’s and pair of 6V6GT’s generating 20 watts
  • 1 Input, Volume, Treble, Bass, Trem Speed and Depth (foot-switchable)
  • Pine cabinet with finger joint construction
  • Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Custom 10” Schroeder Speaker
  • Point to point construction using many of the same components found in my larger models.
  • Every Amplifier that wears the “Schroeder Amplification” badge is made by Tim’s own hand only.

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