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Despite its dimensions, the Piega Ace 30 Compact Loudspeaker is a real powerhouse.

The Piega Ace 30 Compact Loudspeaker amazes me with its clear and space-filling sound capabilities. Combined with a PIEGA subwoofer, this compact loudspeaker will be a great choice, even for larger rooms.

The well-established AMT-1 ribbon tweeter provides a fantastically spatial and captivating sound experience. With its extremely light, 24 x 36 mm folded membrane and a powerful magnetic drive made of high-purity neodymium, it provides airy and detailed sounds. Furthermore, it provides excellent transient response and the lowest levels of distortion continuing to set standards in its price range. The “MDS” cone drivers, also developed by PIEGA, have been re-engineered for improved reproduction in the low and mid frequencies and fitted to the new cabinet design. The result is an impressively powerful, crisp, and deep bass combined with a clear and natural voice reproduction.

The new series features slender and timeless aluminum cabinets designed by Swiss Designer Stephan Hürlemann. Its rounded shape towards the baffle and the rear eliminates internal standing waves and ensures outstanding sound reproduction. Every part of the Ace 30 is almost seamlessly bonded to the other, the integrated front grille curves slightly around the loudspeaker profile. The shape and body of the speakers form a harmonious cabinet that blends discreetly into any living space.

  • SENSITIVITY: 87 db/W/m
  • IMPEDANCE: 4 ohms
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 50 Hz - 40 kHz
  • DIMENSIONS: H 22 cm, W 14 cm, D 16 cm
  • WEIGHT: 3 kg
  • DESIGN PRINCIPLE: 2-way system satellite loudspeaker
  • EQUIPMENT: 1 x 120 mm MDS, 1 x AMT-1
  • CONNECTIONS: Multi-Connectors

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