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Designed by Allen Perkins and crafted in the Ann Arbor factory, MasterDeck showcases a dual-pivot carbon-fiber tonearm and meticulous speed controller. Coupled with a hybrid platter, solid-wood frame, and innovative HRS isolation feet, providing immaculate audio playback.

Unveiling the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction: the MasterDeck Turntable, a masterpiece crafted by the renowned Allen Perkins. Born from a collaboration of vinyl enthusiasts, this reference-grade turntable is engineered for those who seek to unearth the true essence of music embedded in the grooves of their cherished vinyl LPs.

Each MasterDeck is meticulously assembled in limited batches at our Ann Arbor, Michigan factory, exemplifying our commitment to unparalleled quality control.

The MasterDeck boasts an all-new dual-pivot carbon-fiber 10-inch tonearm, epitomizing the perfect blend of precision, control, and friction-free tracking. This state-of-the-art tonearm, featuring a removable headshell, allows for the fine-tuning of various cartridges. Adjustments include azimuth, vertical tracking angle (VTA), overhang, and anti-skate, all enhanced by the premium internal wiring from Cardas Audio.

The MasterDeck is engineered for versatility and precision, offering a three-speed selection to accommodate 33, 45, and 78 RPM records. This feature allows audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts to explore their diverse collections with ease. Further enhancing its functionality, the MasterDeck includes a fine-tuning trim adjustment. This precision control enables users to make subtle speed modifications, ensuring an exact playback speed for every record. Whether it's a vintage 78 RPM shellac or a modern 33 RPM LP, the MasterDeck delivers an accurate and faithful audio reproduction, tailored to the unique characteristics of each vinyl format.

MasterDeck excels with its sensor-regulated motor, a testament to its engineering prowess. Equipped with a three-phase brushless DC drive, it achieves unparalleled stability and precision in rotational speed. The design of the motor, isolated to prevent interference, is key to its ability to produce clear and accurate sound. This precision in motor control is essential for the exact reproduction of vinyl records, ensuring every musical detail and nuance is faithfully reproduced, just as the artist intended. By synchronizing the DC motor with the user's speed selection, MasterDeck guarantees a playback experience that is not only precise but also true to the original recording, free from any speed-related distortions.

The MasterDeck's performance is elevated by its Harmonic Resolution Systems Isolation Feet. Engineered to provide 5.5 degrees of freedom, these feet effectively 'float' the turntable, offering exceptional isolation from environmental vibrations and feedback. This design is crucial in maintaining the turntable's stability, ensuring that every musical nuance is delivered with clarity and precision.

The MasterDeck's Delrin platter, measuring 1.75 inches in thickness and composed of a unique Aluminum and Delrin hybrid, exemplifies the fusion of innovative design with acoustic precision. This carefully chosen combination significantly reduces resonance, providing a remarkably stable and inert base for vinyl playback. Such stability is crucial for maintaining the purity of the audio signal, ensuring that every playback is as true to the original recording as possible.

The MasterDeck incorporates an Encapsulated Spiral Groove Inverted Bearing, designed for unparalleled precision and stability. This sophisticated bearing system is meticulously engineered to minimize friction and reduce wear, resulting in an incredibly smooth turntable rotation.


  • Motor: Belt Drive, DC Synchronous
  • Speeds: 33.3, 45, 78 RPM with trim adjustment +/-
  • Platter: 14.35 lb Delrin® coated Aluminum
  • Dustcover: No
  • Power Consumption: < 5W
  • Dimensions: 20”x 5.125” ( ~ 6.250” with tonearm.) x 15.125"
  • Weight: 37.4 lbs
  • Tonearm Type: Unipivot/Gimbal hybrid
  • Overhang: 0.71" (18mm)
  • Offset Angle: 22.8 ̊
  • Cartridge Weight Range: 5g – 14g
  • Encapsulated Spiral Groove Inverted Bearing for superior stability and precision
  • 33.33 / 45 / 78 RPM belt drive turntable with precise trim adjustment
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Advanced 10-inch Dual-Pivot Carbon-Fiber Tonearm
  • 1.75-inch thick hybrid Aluminum-Delrin® platter
  • Optically regulated motor for flawless speed control
  • Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) Isolation Feet for unparalleled vibration control
  • Available in elegant Walnut or Black Ash solid wood frame finishes

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