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The MoFi Electronics UltraTracker MM Phono Cartridge is hand-built in Japan and designed to extract more information from the grooves of LP's.

The logic seems obvious to Mobile Fidelity: The form of high-output MM phono cartridge, like the high-end UltraTracker, should follow the same layout as the cutting head responsible for making the precious grooves you see on vinyl LPs. The MoFi Electronics UltraTracker MM Phono Cartridge touts a "V-twin" dual-magnet generator comprised of two powerful magnets aligned in a formation parallel with the stereo record grooves. Developed in collaboration between Mobile Fidelity engineers and Spiral Groove founder Allen Perkins, UltraTracker extracts immense amounts of detail, dynamics, tone, and texture from LPs. Its physical configuration means it is literally made to live in records' grooves, giving it innate advantages and stunning channel separation few other cartridges claim at this price.

Hand-built in Japan with its cartridge housing milled from solid aluminum billet in the USA, and fine-tuned by Mobile Fidelity and Mr. Perkins, MoFi Electronics UltraTracker MM Phono Cartridge is true to its name – a cartridge that boasts insanely good tracking sense. Its nude elliptical stylus and well-damped billet aluminum body yield practical payoffs you'll immediately hear. Accurate, fearless reproduction of supremely complex passages. Taut, lifelike, edge-free bass. End-to-end frequency response. No smearing, no coloration. Such prized playback characteristics are owed to the countless hours Mr. Perkins invested removing unwanted resonance and employing next-generation dampening materials to improve the sound. Conceived with the same philosophy that has yielded more than 40 years' worth of Mobile Fidelity's world-famous Original Master Recordings, UltraTracker brings master-tape pedigree to your own system.

Mobile Fidelity: Decades of Bringing Master-Tape Quality to Your Listening Experience. Mobile Fidelity has been the undisputed leader in audiophile recordings since its inception in 1977. At its Sebastopol, California, mastering studio, Mobile Fidelity cuts records using only the original master tapes as source material. The company's faithfully reproduced Original Master Recordings bring you – the listener – closer to the absolute truth and emotion of the original performances of the finest records made by the likes of Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, The Band, Grateful Dead, Santana, Bill Evans, Nirvana, and many other Hall of Fame artists. Experienced on vinyl LP, SACD, or 24k gold CD, Mobile Fidelity software unveils all the detailed information on original master recordings without adding coloration or other artifacts. Drawing on four decades of engineering and studio experience, we have taken the next logical step: Applying our expertise, talent, passion to audio components. Every Mobile Fidelity product is made to meet the strict standards long synonymous with Mobile Fidelity's music releases.

  • Type:Dual Magnet (MM) Stereo
  • Stylus: Nude-Elliptical
  • Output Voltage: 3.5mV
  • Frequency Response: 20–25,000Hz
  • Weight: 9.7g
  • Tracking Force: 1.8–2.2g
  • Impedance: 47kOhm
  • Capacitance: 100pF
  • Static compliance : 35 x 10e-6/dyne
  • Dynamic compliance : 10 x 10e-6/dyne

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