HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive and Ripper

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The HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive and Ripper is a must-have for any HiFi Rose Media player owner. It's also the perfect addition for those of us with large CD collections.

Not only is it an exceptional CD player with crystal clear sound thanks to Isolated Design, insulators, and its husky 900-gram weight to reduce vibrational issues but it's also a CD Ripper that copies CDs directly to your HiFi Rose Media Player in FLAC and WAV formats AND it writes CDs as well!

The HiFI Rose RSA780 utilizes USB Isolator technology. The CD Drive and your HiFi Rose Media Streamer are completely separated electrically and physically, so only pure music data without noise is transmitted through USB. HiFi Rose applied high-performance insulators to a structure that can minimize vibration. Through insulators, it minimizes the noise that can occur when the CD is running. In other words, you get the cleanest possible playback.

As mentioned above, the RSA780 can be used not only for CD playback but also for CD ripping. With the exclusive ROSE OS application, you can conveniently import songs from CDs to your Hi-Fi ROSE player with just one touch. Store your precious CD audio safely in various storage devices with intuitive UI and easy operation. The UI provides album art and various information, and editing is also possible. You can save music in FLAC, FLAC(compression), and WAV formats.

Connect with Hi-Fi ROSE RS150, RS250, and RS201 to use the device. A dedicated cable RSA705 is provided. These devices are exceptionally rare for the moment and I was lucky enough to receive 4 of them! If you already own a HiFi Rose Media Streamer and a plethora of discs, don't sleep on this innovative and ingenious add-on to what may already be the best media streamer ever created!

  • HiFI Rose
  • RSA780
  • Compatible with: RS150, RS250, RS201
  • Size 152 x 152 x 25 mm
  • Weight 0.9Kg
  • Backside USB B Type (1ea)
  • Power5V, 1.5A

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