Audience V8 Power Distribution Strip

Audience V8 Power Distribution Strip


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The Audience V8 Power Distribution Strip offers end users a premium AC platform at an extremely affordable price.

The V8 is substantially constructed in an extruded aluminum chassis with a hardy high-quality copper buss bar design. The duplexes are high-quality hospital-grade, each separately wired to the buss bars in STAR ground configuration with high purity 14 AWG stranded copper wire. The V8 also includes standard Audience RF filtration.

The power cord connection is standard IEC. All parts of the electric circuit have been treated by cryogenics as well as a proprietary EHVP (extreme high voltage process). The Audience V8 Power Distribution Strip does not include surge or overload protection. However, the V8 can be plugged into any free outlet from any other Audience power conditioner, like one of the aR2p models, for extra noise filtration, surge, and overload protection. Substantial listening evaluations were performed for every element, over an 18-month period of the V8. Although the V8 was designed to be an affordable power block, corners were not cut at the sacrifice of good sound quality.


The resulting V8 product lives up to the usual standard for Audience power products of “do no harm”.  In fact, the forte V8 Power provides a musically balanced high-resolution solution.


The Audience V8 Power Distribution Strip includes Audience Forte F3 power cord 1.75m.

  • 12.875” X 4.125” X 1.25”
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs.
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