Audience Studio TWO Audio Interconnect to RCA to DIN Cable

Audience Studio TWO Audio Interconnect RCA to DIN


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Building on the success of our world-renowned and much-beloved OHNO cables, Audience Studio TWO Audio Interconnect RCA to DIN picks up where OHNO leaves off.

Featuring geometry and construction techniques and materials borrowed liberally from our top-tier designs, Studio TWO delivers superior performance to OHNO at pricing which remains accessible.

The Audience Studio TWO Audio Interconnect RCA to DIN delivers improved coherency, dynamics, and more realistic reproduction of voices and instruments. There is more flesh on the bones and more weight to instruments. Rhythm and pacing are excellent and high frequencies are smooth, clean, and clear, delivered with a touch of sweetness which only high-quality copper possesses.

Like all Audience cables, Studio TWO is a low-mass design. We avoid using heavy jacketing materials and heavy connectors on our cables as mass tends to absorb energy and dulls the sound. This lack of extra weight gives Studio TWO their refreshingly open and honest tonal character.

All Audience cables are directional, we pay specific attention to the direction of our conductors and geometry to enhance conductivity and preserve maximum musical information. To ensure optimum performance, look for the gold arrow on all our cables which indicates the direction of signal travel.

Additional lengths of the Audience Studio TWO Audio Interconnect RCA to DIN can be added at $100 per half meter.

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