Audience OHNO Headphone Cable

Audience OHNO Headphone Cable


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The Audience OHNO Headphone Cable comes stock at 2 meters long. Audience OHNO cables are designed to achieve the very highest level of performance at an entry-level price.

OHNO cables are named after Dr. Atsumi Ohno who invented the method of manufacturing mono-crystal wire, a highly sophisticated process of producing wire without the crystalline barriers found in all conventional wires. Whereas copper typically exhibits thousands of crystals per meter, as audio signals move through this maze, energy is lost at every crystalline juncture. OHNO copper is a single crystal providing an unobstructed path for transmission of the purest audio signal. The OCC casting process produces cleaner, smoother-sounding music with fewer artifacts thanks to a single, uninterrupted piece of copper. OHNO cables, including this Audience OHNO Headphone Cable, are made with XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene), one of the very best insulations for high-end audio cables. 

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