Audience frontRow Stereo Phono DIN-RCA Cable


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Introducing the Audience frontRow Stereo Phono DIN-RCA Cable!

Audience set the bar high when they imagined a cable line superior to their award-winning SX series. Building upon what Audience has learned through their years of research and refinement they are proud to announce the all-new frontRow Flagship line of Audience cables; shattering what Audiophiles thought was possible.

frontRow represents the highest level of performance in audio cable products available today. With attention to detail and with the introduction of MORRE, the umbrella name under which they have placed all of Audience’s new and most powerful technologies, every part and portion of frontRow is meticulously and painstakingly designed in their unabated pursuit of signal integrity.

MORRE, Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energies, is the culmination of Audience's proven technologies integrated into the frontRow series. From cable geometries to connectors, metallurgy, contact points, to shielding, bend radius, dielectric, jacketing materials, interactions between conductors and types of conductors, material resonant frequencies even the smallest design aspects are carefully considered within the MORRE process; refined and strenuously tested in order to produce this unrivaled cable line.

All of this advancement in frontRow cable design and development opens up a startling musical performance in its life-like presentation; removing veils that obscure the essence of the artist’s intention and bringing you into the center of the experience. The Audience frontRow Stereo Phono DIN-RCA Cable helps you hear more than ever before!

Each and every frontRow cable added to your system will reveal just what you have been missing. With the removal of layers of distortion and a dramatic lowering of the noise floor; frontRow will allow you to hear increased dynamics and more low-level information retrieval; with air, space, and 3-dimensional holographic imaging unlike you have experienced before.

Additional length of the Audience frontRow Stereo Phono DIN-RCA Cable can be added in half-meter increments for $375.00 

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