Ortofon Record Brush - Red


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The Ortofon Record Brush is a must-have accessory for any vinyl enthusiast!

The Ortofon Record Brush was designed by the Danish Industrial designer, Møller Jensen. Innovation and Design – the same company that designed the award-winning vintage MC Jubilee cartridge, historical Kontrapunkt Series, 2M Series, and the Concorde MkII range.

Cleaning your records before every use increases the lifetime of the diamond and improves your listening experience. The Ortofon Record brush safely and effectively removes dust and dirt from the record surface without scratching

• Two rows of tightly bound carbon fiber bristles that are designed to remove dirt and dust from the record surface. Simply brush around the surface of a record after placing it on the turntable.
• Simple and robust two parts design: Injection molded part uses a conductive plastic preventing any static charges. Shield used to clean and protect the brush.
• Easy to use: slides and locks into place.
• Embossed details for clarity and performance.
• Lanyard hole for convenience and store.

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