Dr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird Turntable

Dr. Feickert Analogue

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The idea for the Dr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird Turntable was obvious. The design of the smaller brother has a special appeal to build a turntable a little bigger in size. There are lots of vinyl lovers who wish to run two tonearms on one deck - here we go! Dr. Feickert did not only make a simple upscale but set a new course in terms of ease of use.

The mission was to enhance the technical base of the Woodpecker to push forward the sound quality. Running two tonearms was a requirement but we also implemented some new ideas on the drive. They refined the controller software to drive two motors simultaneously in a kind of master-slave configuration.

Putting the two motors in a 180° position around the bearing cancels out all reactive forces that could cause gyration of the platter. As a free add-on they achieve a better randomization of wow & flutter less disturbing the hearing process and lower bearing rumble at the same time.

The result… is an enhanced sovereignty in sound - excellent measurements and a timeless elegance combined with absolute ease of use. As a world‘s first Dr. Feickert has integrated a dedicated Protractor that is blindingly simple in use. You will be amazed how easy the setup of your cartridge can be.

The sound… sovereign, dynamic, powerful and neutral at the same time. No matter which tonearm you are planning to use. Relax and take a trip into the fascination of music knowing that not even the smallest detail on the black gold is being kept back.

Forget about technical details, enjoy the music in all its grace!

Please note: As Dr. Feickert offers many different options for color etc., please contact us for estimated delivery dates

Standard: One armboard – please specify tonearm brand. Standard finish Nextel Black Middle. -Please specify Black or Silver aluminum top and bottom plates.-

+ Deluxe TS-MXX:   10.5” or 12” Thomas Schick MoFi Edition tonearm w/ Schick graphite headshell, MoFi Iridum DIN-2-RCA cable, Inertia platter, and upgraded Zebrano, Tineo, High Gloss Black or High Gloss White finish options.  -Please specify Black or Silver top/bottom plates.- (+$3000)

+ Deluxe K-SS12VTA:   12” Kuzma Stogi S12VTA tonearm, Kuzma Stogi Arm base, Inertia platter, and upgraded Zebrano, Tineo, High Gloss Black or High Gloss White finish options. -Please specify Black or Silver top/bottom plates.- (+$3545)

+ Deluxe K-4PSE: 11” Kuzma 4PointSE tonearm, Inertia platter upgrade, and upgraded Zebrano, Tineo, High Gloss Black or High Gloss White finish options.  -Please specify Black or Silver top/bottom plates.- (+$8120)

  • belt-drive turntable, 2 motors, 2 tonearms
  • quick-release system for tonearms/armboards
  • integrated Protractor for cartridge/tonearm alignment
  • dimensions: 530 mm x 420 mm x 150 mm
  • armboard right: 205 - 320 mm pivot-spindle (9 - 13 inch eff. length)
  • armboard left (optional): 205 - 240 mm pivot-spindle (9 - 10 inch eff. length)
  • weight: 17,5 kg (chassis), 22 kg (without tonearm)
  • warranty: 2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (bearing)

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