The 1 and Only Dunamis! - January 16th 2021

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The 1 and Only Dunamis! - January 16th 2021

DUNAMIS! In Greek this refers to power, moral power and/or excellence of soul. Named by the owner, This amp was a custom piece that I made some years ago. I had already developed the “Formula” amplifier which started as a very very loud 50 watts. The owner of this amp, also has one of the first 50 watt “Formula” amps but was intrigued by my 200 watt dozer model. The end result was an order for a 200 watt amp with the Formula front end. Aside from the insane distortion and touch sensitivity, it is hands down the loudest amp I’ve ever heard. With earplugs in, I’m not able to withstand its fury though the owner plays if flat out with a full 8x12 stack of EVMs! Really fun to have it back in the shop for basic maintenance.

The 1 and only Dunamis!

The 1 and Only Dunamis - January 16th 2021

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