Piega Coax Speakers are back in the demo room!

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Piega Coax Speakers are back in the demo room!

Back in our demo room is the COAX series from @piegaswitzerland. I fell in love with, and became a dealer for, Piega speakers a little over a year ago. At the time, I was on a mission to find what I felt was the best, most musically satisfying small speaker to complete a system for a customer with a nice budget but a small room. We had already selected reference level components from BAT for the front end. A host of high-end bookshelves were auditioned, all with names that would get a stamp of approval from the most ardent audiophile. Still the answer was elusive… As a “last-ditch” effort, I reached out to an industry colleague to help me find a solution. The first thing out of his mouth was Piega COAX 311 (which didn’t surprise me as he’s in sales for the distributor:). A sample pair was sent out and the rest is history. My first impression was that these speakers had all of the sweetness of a Harbeth yet with all of the detail of, well…, a Piega! Cymbals had the timber and shimmer without the sizzle that can be attractive at first, yet become tiresome and fatiguing within a listening session. Vocals and wind instruments direct you to be seated, pay attention and be drawn into the music. Completely engaging! All of our customers comment that the speakers sound significantly larger than they are. Not only in image size but the amount of satisfying and appropriate bass. Imaging is as good as it gets. The reason for all of this is the “COAXial” midrange and treble ribbon drivers. The point of source is really only a few inches. The Crossover points are also unique with this setup allowing the Ribbons to work in the range that suits ribbons and the more traditional dynamic bass driver to compliment these lovely had made beauties. I could go on and on with colorful language and anecdotes but at the end of the day, it’s really best to just come in and have a listen for yourself.

Piega Coax Speakers

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Piega Coax Speakers are back in the demo room!

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