Daniel Patrevito and The Life in a Day

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Daniel Patrevito and The Life in a Day

One of the great joys that I‚Äôve experienced in my career is meeting musicians, getting to know them through working together and then seeing their projects come to fruition. This album by Daniel Patrevito is one such project. Dan and I met through my old instrument repair/modification business in Chicago. He has a genuine character to him. Sweet, interested, and motivated by his art. He has always given his all (and often times, more) to his passion. The ‚Äúreveal‚ÄĚ came to me years after I had known him as a fixture in my shop. The day he dropped off this copy of his latest work. Recorded entirely on tape with ‚Äúold school‚ÄĚ techniques and pressed to vinyl (after it was and before it was again) ‚Äúcool‚ÄĚ to do so. Pressed in a limited quantity and with original hand painted artwork on every copy! I will say that many hundreds of records have come and gone from my life with this one being a constant. The heart poured into this is apparent from the first track though to the last. Large and vacant sounding spaces, both real and artificial for artificial sake. Mello electric guitars awash in spring reverbs. Vintage pianos and electric keyboards. Seductive drum grooves and bass on all tracks. A vibe‚Äôy and masterful creation with close attention paid to every detail. An album that brings me joy with every listen. Thank you Dan!!! Side note: I had thought for years that the grooves revealed an above normal amount of tape hiss. Believing this was intentional, I excepted this as part of the honesty and embraced it. Since last I‚Äôve spun this beauty, I‚Äôve started to carry record cleaning machines and keep one handy‚Ķ The excessive ‚Äútape hiss‚ÄĚ is now gone reveling a new experience. Life is good!

The Life in a Day

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Daniel Patrevito and The Life in a Day

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  • Tim!
    Thank you so, so much for the kind words.
    You and your shop were always so welcoming and accomodating: and of course the work was always stellar! I appreciate you so much and all you bring to the musical community. That era in Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart. Much Love, D

    Dan Patrevito on

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