Premier Guitar: The Vintage Supro Clone (well, kind of...)

Posted by Tim Schroeder on

Feb 2009

A couple of months ago, I checked in a pile of amps for repair/freshening up for a band that was going into the studio to record another album. While reviewing this pile, I found that I was in possession of the main recording amp for the front man. It was a little vintage Supro that had certainly been around and through the ringer. While it definitely had a fantastic tone, it had noise and reliability issues due to its age. I decided to surprise the fellow and make a replica as close to the original as possible. In my own amp designs, I try to add a dash of originality into the mix, but for this project only a carbon copy would do. I pondered the project endlessly, obsessing on the creation morning, noon and night. A couple of days after deciding on a game plan, I received a call from the band's liaison asking me if I would mind making a clone of that amp only with less noise and increased reliability. I was now on the hook. Time to put my plan into action.

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