Isotek EVO3 Mini Mara Power Conditioner w/Initium C15 Power Cable


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The Isotek EVO3 Mini Mara Power Conditioner is designed specifically for audio-visual applications and utilizes the already highly praised unique ‘Triple Resonance Filter©’ circuit which improves the performance of CRT, LCD, LED, OLED and plasma screens, and is also fully compatible with projectors.

The IsoTek EVO3 Mini Mira features two power cleaning circuits, one which is dedicated for projectors, LCD, LEC, OLED or older CRT screens, the second which can be used for all other electronics from set-top boxes to DVD or content storage devices. It is a compact box measuring 170mm in length and 130mm in width and 65mm high, making it easy to position either behind cabinets or ceiling mounted next to or close to projectors.

The IsoTek EVO3 Mini Mira ensures class-leading power cleaning of both Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise. Two independent circuits prevent cross-contamination of connected equipment. The internal wiring is of the highest standard; pure 6n oxygen-free copper conductor strands with silver-plating offer low resistance and high amperage. A PTFE dielectric is used to protect the conductors as well as giving the ultimate internal power delivering system. Furthermore, 22,500A of instantaneous protection is provided, safeguarding valuable equipment via IsoTek’s unique sequential and repeatable protection system.

The internal wiring of IsoTek products synergizes with the range of IsoTek power cables. One critical but overlooked area is maintaining commonality of design and material properties through an audio wiring loom, be it signal carrying cables or your power cable network.

  • Number Of Outlets: 2
  • Mains Inlet: 10A Iec C14
  • Mains Voltage: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Visual Outlet - 230V X1 (10A 2,300W Total)
  • Visual Outlet - 115V X1 (10A 1,150W Total)
  • Component Outlet - 230V X1 (10A 2,300W Total)
  • Component Outlet - 115V X1 (10A 1,150W Total)
  • Surge Protection: 22,500A
  • Dimensions: (W X H X D) 130 X 65 X 170Mm
  • Weight: 0.9Kg
  • Improves sound and picture quality
  • RFI reduction 30dB audio, 40dB visual
  • Dual power cleaning circuits removes Common and Differential Mode mains noise
  • 2 independent outlets stop Differential Mode cross-contamination
  • 22,500A instantaneous protection
  • Fully star-earthed network
  • Multi-strand 6n OFC silver-plated internal wiring with FEP dielectric
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Use with standard IEC C13 power cable

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