Schroeder Amp Sightings: Wilco, Andrew Bird, Richard Thompson, Telegraph Canyon, Umphrey's McGee

"Lows are deep and definitive, as if rooted in the earth. Highs are incandescent. Yet the amp never sounds boomy or shrill." (SA9+)

- Premier Guitar  Magazine

"The SA9 is not a finicky amp. She seems to react to the harmonics, overtones and color of every one of my guitars without weird harshness that most amps put out. Beyond hi-fi construction and tone, I was freaked out instantly!" 

 -Jake Cinninger, Umphrey's McGee                        

"The DB7 is a sustain machine, making the plainest of sonorities a thing of wonder." 

- Premier Guitar  Magazine 

    Mercy Street recording artist, session guitarist, producer, and engineer BC Marshall who's credits include the Academy Awards, the CMA awards, alongside his work with artists like: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Adrian Belew and King Crimson plays and records with Schroeder amplifiers exclusively since 2009. His first Schroeder amp was an early red box DB7. Marshall now owns the first SA9+. 

    "I thought that the DB7 was my end all, my forever amp! But since Tim created the SA9+... well, that's all she wrote folks! I'm in love! I have never owned an amplifier that reacted the way Tim's amps do. And the SA9+ has everything that I loved about the 7, but something more. Notes bloom like I just never thought possible, whatever you feed it, it gives back in spades! Every guitar I own loves this thing! Sometimes, I feed it the output of a Fractal Axe-Fx2 and the results are unbelievable! Seriously, there are not enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe it. I just know I'm never giving this one up!"  

- BC Marshall, recording artist, producer, engineer  

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