SAI 12 Speaker

SAI 12 Speaker


Frustrated by the extreme mid scoop found in most modern guitar speakers, I’ve designed a neutral & full range 12" driver to offer a blank canvas to shape your tone with. These speakers are made to my specifications by Weber speakers and available only through Schroeder Amplification.

  • 80 watt power handling

  • 60 oz. ceramic magnet

  • Paper cone with cloth surround

  • Available in 8Ω or 16Ω

    “The mid range dynamic in this speaker is superb! No discernible cone breakup and very fast transients. It has a pleasant low end extension down to 80 Hz or so.”

    -Jake Cinninger, Umphrey’s McGee-

    "Played the first gig with this Twin and I received numerous comments about the sound or wondering how I was driving that much sound through a Twin. Love these damn speakers!"

    -Edward Hamel, engineer, composer-

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