SA9+ REC 20 Watt Head

SA9+ REC 20 Watt Head


   The Schroeder Amplification "SA9+ REC." head was originally designed at the request of engineers who wanted the stage sound and feel of the SA9+, at a more moderate volume thus better suited for the studio. The design has evolved over the years and now shares many of the same features as the "SA9+". It's an excellent choice for home studios, small club use or people who like to get their amps to grind.

Sonically the "SA9+ REC." and the "SA9+" are very similar and share the same control layout and functionality. 

Specs and features of note:

  - A specially designed cathode bias circuit, power supply and solid state rectifier assures that the amp has that "cranked amp" sound and feel at lower volumes. 

  - Additional power supply components, as in the SA9+, are used to convert and fine tune certain voltages used in the preamp.

  - Because of the reduced wattage, the "sweet spot" is easily attainable without exceedingly high SPL. 

  - Chassis is made of 1/8" (!) folded and welded aluminum, powder coated and screened.

  - All internal wiring connections made using a Litz coated, oxygen free copper wire of extreme purity. Unlike generic "cloth covered" wire, it will not absorb airborne moisture, oxidize and/or degrade the signal over time. Using this wire requires special tools and means that EVERY wire needs to be cut to length and tinned with a 900 degree solder pot. A laborious and time consuming process but the resulting improvement to the sound is stunning!
  - The Custom power, output and choke transformers have all been developed over our decades long relationship with Mercury Magnetics. They feature custom winds and lots of iron for reduced "sag", a tight and transparent low end and silky highs.

- Specific components are cryogenically treated to aid in their transparency.

Why this matters...

  - Almost ZERO 60 cycle hum is generated by the amp. 

  - Notes emerge from a black (silent) background allowing for very subtle nuances and colors to be recognized. 

  - Effortless and instant power makes for more dynamic playing. Rewards the right hand (and sometimes the left).

  - Due to the new rectifier design, reliability is even greater than before. 

Tube compliment:

  - 1X Tung-Sol 6SL7, 2X Sovtek 12AX7LPS, Pair JJ or Tung-Sol 6V6GT

Front Panel (left to right):

  - 1/4" input, 3-way bright switch, Volume, Treble, Mid Slope, Middle, Bass, Presence, Standby switch,  Pilot lamp, Power switch.

Rear Panel (left to right):

  - 2A Slo 20mm fuse, 500Ma Slo fuse, IEC female power socket, 1/4" 4 Ohm out, 1/4" 8  Ohm out, 1/4" 16 Ohm out. 

Options:  (These options are an additional charge. Please contact us for pricing)

  - A TS "Record Out" taken off of the output for running a line to your recording device or slave.

  - Balanced Record out via TRS or XLR.

  - Speakon connectors. 

  - Parallel output for running different speakers (for color) or running bi-wired speaker cables for maximum bloom in the bass               register. 


  - 20 Watts (before the onset of distortion, which is glorious BTW...)


  11 3/8" Deep x 10 5/8" Tall x 21" Long 


Unless currently in stock, lead time is two to three weeks. 

If your shipping address is outside the U.S., please contact us for payment of additional shipping charges. 

Made for you:

Different colors, finishes and other customizations are available. Please feel free to call or email to discuss your project and requirements.


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