USED Schroeder RamJet Amplifier with Small Block Speaker Cab

Schroeder Amplification

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The Schroeder Amplification Ramjet Amplifier Head is for those who’d love to have a small, touch-sensitive amp that can take you from sweet and clear to teeth cleaning distortion with the dynamics of your picking hand. This is number one of five prototypes in this head cabinet design.

This listing includes a custom Schroeder Amplification speaker cabinet, featuring an SAI driver, 8ohms, 80 watts. Also included is a Cardas Twinlink Power Cord, as well as a 1 meter Cardas speaker cable with 1/4" male plugs.

And hey, you love how you can dial in that sweet spot but need it louder? Simply disconnect the speaker, switch on the internal load and use the special DI out so you can put it in front of a louder amp. No more attenuated big amps that sound like a transistor radio. All hand-made and voiced by Tim Schroeder.

Sounds and demos of the Schroeder Amplification Ramjet Amplifier Head can be heard on my YouTube page, Schroedervids

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