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Schroeder Amplification "Sidecar" Cabinet


When Tim Schroeder was building his renouned archtop guitars, he couldn't find an amp clean, warm, and clear enough to do them justice. This was the birth of Schroeder-built amplifiers -- Tim needed something that would capture all the subtle beauty and nuance of his archtops' tone! Ironically, years later the same problem would arise again. No cabinet existed that could do the Schroeder DB7 Amplifier justice. And so the Sidecar 2X12 was born!

Partially a homage to the Ampeg cabinets of yesteryear, the Sidecar is designed for an open, expansive tone. It features a ported design, allowing for great sound-dispersion, and a super organic and natural sound. Traditionally we load this cabinet with custom speakers from Jensen or Weber: one AlNiCo for sweet-sounding midrange, one Ceramic for punchy lows and clear highs. The resulting tone draws you in; a clean tone you can actually sink your teeth into! Chimey, rich, and clear, the Sidecar is the perfect mate for the DB7 or any other amplifier where body, warmth, and clarity are a must!


The Sidecar is available with many different speaker pairings for various styles of music (prices vary). Contact us for details.

Ship time: 6-8 weeks