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Blister Agent


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"As many of my long time clients know, I make a batch of 25 of these distortion units every 7 years or so (mainly because it takes me 6 years to forget just how much work goes into every aspect). Each unit has 2 breadboards. Every component is hand laid and soldered using silver bearing solder. No PCB traces here; all leg to leg construction. Even the specific LEDs make a difference in both sound and feel. Not to mention, of course, the resistors, caps, internal wiring, voltages etc. Endless hours of R&D are completed before every batch, based on which components are currently available."

 - Tim Schroeder

Due to multiple unit orders from bands who tour and/or have rigs in multiple countries etc., our original run of 25 grew to 99. We currently have 6 Blister Agents left for sale.


  • Foot switches- ON/OFF, BOOST, Q Filter
  • Pots- Volume, Distortion amount, Q Filter frequency
  • Mini Toggle (Sag Control): Mushy/ Fast/ Asymmetrical wave
  • Back mounted Input, Output, and 9VDC Tip negative jacks
  • Requires a tip negative, 9V DC adaptor. Boss PSA or Voodoo Labs recommended. Not included