Details about the BAT Trade in Program

BAT Summer Trade in Program Header

Starting now until September 30th, BAT and Schroeder Amplification are  accepting your old gear in trade towards any new BAT product. And here's the incredible part: You could receive the full original retail price for your trade-in!

Imagine this scenario: Let's say you bought a preamp for $4,000, but you want to upgrade to the phenomenal BAT VK-80 priced at $9,995. With this generous offer from BAT, you'll receive 100% of the retail price of their trade-in towards their purchase!

Here's how to proceed...

Step 1
Fills out a trade-in valuation form (found HERE) You will receive a trade-in value within 2 business days. The offer is good for 14 days

Step 2
When ready to proceed, bring their trade-in and their trade-in value form to Schroeder Amplification for verification and to place your order.

Step 3
I'll submit your Purchase Order with the your Trade–In form and I'll provide you with an ETA as soon as I have it

Step 4
I'll ship your trade-in to BAT.

Step 5
BAT will ship the customer’s order to Schroeder Amplification and you can come pick it up once the balance is paid.

Contact me to get the conversation started!

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