Audience Forte F5 powerChord - US Version - Coming Soon

Audience Forte F5 powerChord - US Version


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The Audience Forte F5 powerChord was just released and is available for order! Pictures and more details will be added as they become available!

Building on a selection of long-term proprietary designs, the Audience forte f5 powerChord offers exemplary performance for its price point. The f5 includes a special 6 conductor interface design that rejects noise, enhancing a well-balanced musical presentation. The construction is 10 AWG aggregate high purity stranded copper providing ease in handling while delivering a very high degree of low-level information. The dielectric is ultra-high quality XLPE and is cryogenically treated resulting in high conductivity and signal preservation. The f5 is available in 1.25m, 1.75m, and 2.5m.

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