Doug Anderson with his early DB7 in for a new Solid Walnut Cab

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A happy (if not mildly theatrical) Doug Anderson posing with his early DB7 amp after its update to “+” status as well as a recasing into a new, solid Walnut cabinet. Doug was around at the inception of my interest in music. He was teaching at the
Old Town School of Folk Music (then in Evanston, IL) in the 70’s during a time when my mom worked there. I was the snot nosed little kid, who was being paid in silver dollars, to put flyers for the school under peoples windshield wipers. Fast forward a couple of decades and our families are old friends with newer generations being added. I’ve always appreciated Doug’s friendship, musicianship and generosity with his fellow humans. I couldn’t imagine a better “brand ambassador” for Schroeder Amps! Videos of Doug Anderson playing Schroeder amps can be found on my website and YouTube page at and 
Doug Anderson at the Shop getting his amp maintained
The beautiful wood cab of Doug's amp

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