Amphion BassOne25

Amphion BassOne25


The Amphion BaseOne25 bass extension system offers a complete solution to seamlessly transform studio monitors to a true stereo full-range monitoring system. BaseOne25 extends all the way down to 20Hz while simultaneously improving dynamic range and minimizing distortion by handling most of the heavy lifting at the low end of the spectrum. Driven by Amphion’s meticulously developed BaseAmp500 crossover/amplifier module, the BaseOne25 LF extension towers sit directly under existing studio monitors. This makes physical integration and phase/time alignment much easier to achieve.

Technical specifications:

Operating principle - One-way, passive radiator

Mid / woofer - 25 cm / 10” aluminum

Crossover point - 100 Hz

Frequency response - 20 - 100 Hz +/-3dB

Measurements (H x W x D) - 956 x 191 x 386 mm

Weight - 41 kg

!!! $6,500. Price is for complete BassOne25 system. This includes the BaseAmp500 Crossover/amplifier module !!!

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